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LMIE SE … On April 30, 2014 the IRS released the new Form W-8IMY (“Form W-8IMY”), formally replacing its 2006 predecessor W-8IMY. This new Form W-8IMY has 28 parts whereas the previous August 2013 FATCA draft W-8IMY only contained 26. The new 2014 Form W-8IMY is vastly different from the seven-part 2006 predecessor form. Chapter 4 Status (FATCA status) of disregarded entity or branch receiving payment. Limited branch (see instructions). Participating FFI. Reporting Model 1 FFI. Reporting Model 2 FFI. U.S. Branch.

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L’IRS a publié une version provisoire du nouveau formulaire W-8IMY qui reprend les catégories d’entités propres au chapitre 3 et au chapitre 4 (QI et FATCA). Form W8IMY (Rev. June2017) Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service 0MB No. 1545-1621 1 Name of organizationthat is acting as intermediary Country of incorporation or LI Owner-documentedEEl. Complete Part Xl. LI Restricted distributor. Complete Part XVII.

IFE déclarante selon le modèle 2.

Swedbank Hypotek AB publ - Swedbank och Sparbankerna

Do not complete Part XXVI or XXVII. Instead, complete the IGA Certification Form for Canadian Entities.

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Fatca w8imy

Form W-8IMY (Rev.

LI Nonreporting GA FF1 The FATCA regime primarily distinguishes foreign entity recipients between FFIs and all other foreign entities, called NFFEs. This distinction is not as obvious as it may seem. Certainly the standard business definition of a financial institution is included in the definition of an FFI, but other entities not normally thought of as financial institutions also may fall under the definition of Form W-8IMY (Rev. 9-2016) Page 3 Nonqualrfied Intermediary Check all that apply. 15a B(AII nonqualified intermediaries and qualified intermediaries that are not acting in their capacity as such check here.) I certify that (he entity identified in Part 1 of this form is not acting as a qualified intermediary with respect to each account(s) for which this form is provided and is FATCA requires US withholding agents to withhold 30% of qualifying US source payments, including US source interest and dividends, made by such withholding agents to an FFI unless the FFI has entered into an agreement with the IRS - either directly or indirectly, through the mechanism of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA).
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The current draft Forms W-8BEN-E and W-8IMY shed little light on this issue but presumably the instructions when issued will resolve the  FATCA in the Lloyd's market but is not a comprehensive guide to the application of FATCA. Lloyd's 3 What insurance premiums does Lloyd's W-8IMY cover? 3 What insurance premiums does Lloyd's W-8IMY cover? Consistent with other US tax arrangements, Lloyd's manages FATCA centrally on behalf of  Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

When receiving a withholdable payment, your chapter 4 status is generally required to be included on the form unless otherwise provided in accordance with these instructions. Form W-8IMY must be provided by the following This form may serve to establish foreign status for purposes of sections 1441, 1442, and 1446. Current Revision Form W-8 IMY PDF Form W-8IMY, Certificate of Foreign Intermediary, Foreign Flow-Through Entity, or Certain U.S. Branches for United States Tax Withholding and related Instructions, is used by foreign intermediaries and foreign flow-through entities, as well as certain U.S. branches to: G t t a W-8IMY Fr r - 3 Part II 11.
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Do not use a P.O. box or in-care-of address (other than a registered address). 2014-05-14 2014-06-24 FATCA Classification Certification Parts: Completion of the other parts of the form W-8BEN-E will depend upon the Part I, Question 5 FATCA classification of the filer (see list below). The classifications on the newest version Form W-8BEN-E maintain the classification of a Restricted Distributor (previously Part X of the draft form, but in the final form Part XI) (see the Rev. 2013 version of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). In 2010, Congress passed the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act of 2010, P.L. 111-147 (the HIRE Act), which added chapter 4 of Subtitle A (chapter 4) to the Code, consisting of sections 1471 through 1474 of the Code and commonly referred to as “FATCA” or “chapter 4.” Under Chapter 4 Status (FATCA status) (See instructions for details and complete the certification below for the entity’s applicable status.) (Must check one box only.): Nonparticipating foreign financial institution (FFI) (including an FFI related to a Reporting IGA FFI other than a deemed-compliant FFI, participating FFI, or exempt beneficial owner). 11 Chapter 4 Status (FATCA status) of disregarded entity or branch receiving payment.